Digital Photography


People & Places

Create a portfolio of environmental portraits that articulate a relationship between individuals and the places they belong to.

“All in a Mom’s Work”
"Untitled 2"
"Untitled 3"


Base a series of images on the aesthetic style and subject matter of a photographer influential to you.

"Untitled 1"

3 Faces

Students create a portrait of a stranger, someone they’re close to, and themselves to explore the dynamics of different relationships between photographer and subject.

"Johnny Boy"

In the News

Students create a photographic interpretation based on a story found in a local news outlet.

"Technological Destruction in Nature"
"Overflowing Recycling Plant"

Seeing Photographically

Students use the camera’s aperture and shutter speed to visualize motion, time, and light in dynamic ways with an emphasis on fundamental principles of design.

"Windy Afternoons"
"Leaning Tower of Bing"
"Binghamton In Black and White"
100 Court Street"