BFA Exhibition 2020–2021

“Synchronicity” is a showcase of Binghamton University’s 2021 Bachelor of Fine Arts graduates. The exhibiting artists share their exceptional perspectives on environmental justice, storytelling through personal symbols, representing emotions and dreams, visual culture, and synchronicity.

Everyone experiences some form of meaningful coincidences, symbols, clues, and moments, that as humans we interpret as guidance or confirmation. Were you ever undecided about something and encountered a sign that helped you make that decision? This is synchronicity. Some say it is your soul or universe signaling you are on the right path.

Synchronicity can be part of what guided the artists here today, but equally important is their intuition and relationships they keep that will continue to guide them on the path they are meant to take.

BFA Exhibition on view at SPOOL Contemporary Art Space, May 8-23, 2021

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