Intermediate Photography


Scanning & Glitching

Students corrupted the code of digital images by manipulating them in text and audio editing application, hacked flatbed scanners to distort images over time, and sought ways of combining these experimental processes.

"Fragmented Queerness"
 "Moving Image"
"A Glitch In Nature"

Self-Designed Project

"Ethereal Farmstead 1"
"Ethereal Farmstead 2"
"Tale of Two Cities #3"
"Tale of Two Cities #1"
“I’ve been talking to the fruit again, they say I’ve gone Bananas”
“The Banana Project”
"Falling For It, No. 1"
"Falling For It, No. 2"
"Lucid Lights"
"The Pineapple"
"Just Off Watson"
"Leaving Richmond"

Analog & Digital

Using physical collage and digital montage techniques, students create dual versions of images that explore the materiality of composite imagery in both analog and digital environments.

"A True Friend"
"Holds Up a Mirror"
"In Which We See Ourselves"
"My Head"