Beginning Photography



Students make images that incorporate "time" as a theme, ranging from the dynamic ways the camera can record time, to how we relate to time through processes like rites, schedules, and aging, to the ways photography shapes concepts like memory and history.

"After Hours"
"The Future"
"Abandoned Distribution Center"
"A Jog in Nature"
"Time's Arrow"
"Sparkling Life"
"Abandoned Vehicle"
"New Changes"
"Spring Day"
"Late Night"

Tell Me a Secret

Using the camera as a tool for investigation and communication, students created a photo series that told a story based on a secret.

"My Mirrored Observations"
"The Secret Spot"
"The Picnic Table"

Light & Shadow

Students control exposure to emphasize the relationship of light and shadow in the design and expressiveness of their images.

"Block Work"
"Tag Team"
"Afternoon Shadow"
"The Spotlight"
"A Surplus of Stripes"
"Understanding Emotion"
"Day to Day"
"The Nuts and Bolts"
"Take a Seat"

Seeing Photographically

Students use the camera’s aperture and shutter speed to visualize motion, time, and light in dynamic ways with an emphasis on fundamental principles of design.

"Science 3"
"Home on Huckleberry"
"10 Feet Under"

People in the Social Landscape

Students photographed people and their physical surroundings in ways that described the social conditions in which they exist.