Intro to Graphic Design Software I


Make a Zine!

The final project of this Software I course is to create a zine on a topic of choice using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign.

✓ Passion for subject matter

✓ Self published

Sounds like a zine!

Zine: A Beginner's Guide to Pottery
Zine: Ecuador
Zine: The Grief of Coral Reefs
Zine: Engineering Ethics
Zine: How to Look Taller
Zine: Frame by Frame
Zine: Swiss Gems
Zine: Nagoya
Zine: Sushi
Zine: Mythical Creatures
Zine: Mad Men & Character Development
Zine: Before You Buy
Zine: Betta
Zine: A Beginner's Guide to Coffee
Zine: Pieces of Chinatown
Zine: Woodstock
Zine: A Local Food Guide to Hawaii